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04.06. 18:00 - 08.07.2016 20:00


Following the opening of its headquarters in Saxony-Anhalt, the museum start-up Kunstmuseum Humboldtschloss (Humboldtschloss Art Museum) will be hosting a pop-up gallery at Bikini Berlin until the end of October: THE BIKINI DIARIES. With new solo shows every month, the Munich filmmaker and curator Ralf Würth and his team, as well as Max Weber from the renowned gallery MAX WEBER SIX FRIEDRICH, will be showing selected items from the disciplines of photography, painting and sculpture.

In June 2016, exhibits by Manuela Xavier from Portugal and Katharina Lehmann from Russia will be shown, bringing together work that transgresses the boundaries between painting and object design by two members of the Künstler-Werkbund 1791 (an interdisciplinary artist federation). 

Sculptor and painter Xavier works monochromatically, drawing her influences from both abstract expressionism as well as minimalism. Intuitively, she alternates between rough and smooth surfaces, between silence and rhythm, in order to force the central element of her series – light – out of the darkness. 

With her very own unique technique of thread-drip painting, Katharina Lehmann breaks every dogma of abstract circles. She wraps kilometres of acrylic-soaked thread into shapes that create an abstract galaxy of network hubs. This results in complex dichotomous gridded structures, allowing the observer a wide spectrum of interpretation.