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Artists & Exhibitions

The Haus am Waldsee at Bikini Berlin


15.07. 15:00 - 11.09.2018 00:00


Exhibition location Haus am Waldsee (or ‘House by the Forest Lake’) in Berlin Zehlendorf, which was established in 1946 and is well-known beyond Berlin’s borders, is currently being renovated and extended. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on its cultural repertoire in the meantime: the cultural venue is moving into Bikini Berlin for a year! Awaiting our visitors are exhibitions, readings, artist talks and other cultural highlights.  

The Haus am Waldsee is a Berlin villa with a very rich history. After its first owner, rain coat manufacturer Hermann Knobloch, the deputy director of the Film Chamber of the Reich, Karl Melzer, lived there in the 1940s. And in 1946 Franz Marc’s missing painting “The Tower of Blue Horses” was supposedly seen for the last time at the Haus am Waldsee by former Imperial Art Protector and co-founder of German newspaper Tagesspiegel, Edwin Redslob. For a while after the Second World War, the Haus am Waldsee became a meeting place and exhibition space for artists who were being followed during the period of National Socialism. 

Since 2005, under its director Katja Blomberg, its main focus has been on the creative energy found in today’s Berlin. The Haus am Waldsee primarily presents artists who have been coming to Berlin since the 90s and have gained international recognition and and will be at Bikini Berlin from 15 July 2017 until 11 September 2018.