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BIKINI BERLIN: the place where interior dreams come true!


Ever since the mercury started plummeting down to zero degrees, the desire to make our homes as comfortable and cosy as possible has increased. Although we have resigned ourselves to not being able to fully hibernate until spring emerges, we know how important it is to make sure that our own four walls are a warm, cosy haven where we can hide away when it’s freezing cold and rainy outside. But for one mission we were willing to step out into the big, wide world: to head to BIKINI BERLIN a few days ago. After all, the latest interior trends won’t discover themselves!


Artek: Cool accessories and design classics 

Every trip to BIKINI BERLIN should include a visit to Artek. At this concept store on the first floor you can browse shelves full of little gimmicks and furnishings and you’ll be sure to spot something new every time. From design classics and smaller pieces of furniture to gorgeous lamps, crockery and clocks down to books and interior accessories, there’s something here for every interior fan. The Finnish brand manages to inspire us anew every time. An absolute insider tip for anyone on the lookout for unique Christmas gifts!

Fundamental: Making mathematics fun again

When we arrive back down to the ground floor, a really unique label catches our eye with its geometric shapes, clear lines and lots of colour. Fundamental is the name of the brand established by Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen Molloy. It is inspired by the mathematics of nature and the logics of its shapes and patterns and is celebrating huge international success. From marble accessories to intricate bookmarks and candleholders down to items that you have to build yourself at home, the design duo offers solutions for everyone who wants to add unusual interior design touches. The “Nest” fruit bowls are among our favourites – but the stunning, coloured mirrors would also add the perfect finishing touch to any interior.


Studio183: For art lovers

Although this isn’t the first time we are mentioning the store in our column, we are surprised at how versatile the range on offer is and how much there is to rediscover each time we drop by. As well as international fashion designs, the first thing you will notice is art as far as the eye can see.

Artworks by Berlin artist Simone Florell, who is renowned for her dynamic style and organic shapes, can be bought as originals or in the form of eye-catching prints from just 108 euros. And Eva Moll, who has even organised a live painting event inside the store, also sells her pop art made in Berlin here! Fans of copper printing, screen printing, etchings and typography will be in their element: Christina Knobbe exhibits her fantastic work in various different formats here too.

Ikono: Made in Germany

The furniture label, which was established ten years ago in Paderborn, is worth visiting if you’re looking for individual ways to furnish your home. The company works without a dealer structure, preferring instead to directly speak to the customers in their stores. Nor will you find anything made in large-scale series production here – every item is put together individually from the 19 types of leather available in over 700 colours.


Chaya: Escape to Japan

It’s no secret that the art and design world would be a lot different without the Japanese influence and also that Japanese elements play an important role in interior design. But upon entering a supposed tea store, we were surprised to find a whole host of décor items, interior objects and accessories that would enhance any home. Drink exquisite tea from porcelain cups, dress up in elegant silk kimonos, decorate your apartment with beautiful vases or transform a room into a scented oasis with incense sticks – all of this is possible after a visit to the store overlooking the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, which has so much more to offer than just tea. 

So, as you can see, even on cold, gloomy days, it’s worth leaving the house – whether just to stock up on amazing new décor items or to find the latest interior inspiration!