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Christmas on the wild sideā€¦


While the flâneur pensively strolls around the grey city, stopping every now and again to press his cold nose up against brightly lit shop windows, it gradually dawns on him that Christmas is just around the corner.[BREAK]

It’s not as if it has come as a surprise. Yet flânerie, the act of strolling, is the freedom of allowing yourself to drift along. Having a fixed date by which all gifts have to be bought and wrapped suddenly takes away some of this freedom. 


Wrap up warm

So it’s high time to get wrapped up and set off on the annual search for gifts. Fortunately, BIKINI BERLIN has everything prepared. Here you won’t only find the city’s best gifts, but also the best gift-wrapping station. Which is back by popular demand – but with new visuals, this time designed by Zebu.


Creative gift-wrapping 

Zebu? Isn’t that a type of cow? Possibly, who knows? The Zebu we’re talking about is an artist duo who has designed wrapping paper featuring animal visuals in reference to the neighbouring zoo. You can either have your gifts wrapped for you, or try it yourself. Or you could always leave it to your little ones: we have set up a wrapping table especially for kids, where they can channel their inner creative.  


It’s a wrap!

With all his Christmas shopping wrapped up, the flâneur can now sit back and enjoy a tranquil few days of relaxation. A moment of enjoyment that deserves to be captured on camera. So why not grab a few animal magnets and round off the shopping experience with a selfie in front of the festive BIKINI BERLIN photo wall?