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Even the shadows are colourful in spring


While the city is gradually coming out of hibernation, everyone at BIKINI BERLIN is already full of the joys of spring. And that might have a lot to do with the art installation by Camilla Richter currently on show in the foyer. [BREAK]Here, light falls through the coloured glass segments of a folding screen, casting colourful shadows on the floor and walls in the entrance area.  


Face the light

Amazed by what he is seeing, the flâneur decides to linger for a moment and take a closer look: depending on the incident light radiation and viewing perspective, the panes of glass can seem either transparent and shimmering or intensely coloured. Rays of light fall reflect the complementary colour to the colour he sees when looking through the glass.


Please come closer

As he approaches, the flâneur realises he can observe the artwork at close proximity from a small elevation. On the white surface at his feet he can observe how the reflections of the dichroic glass really come into their own. 


Perfect photo opportunity

The glass is both translucent but also reflective in different colours at the same time. The flâneur’s trained eye instantly realises that this offers unlimited possibilities to experiment with the light and reflections. He quickly pulls out his camera to capture this mesmerising lighting mood for his Instagram account. 

And as if all that weren’t enough, you can also become an artist yourself: we will be handing out up to 15,000 snippets of coloured adhesive plastic film so visitors can transform our large panoramic window into a colourful mosaic.