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Go West – Lifestyle City West


It’s not only the fashion industry celebrating a 90s revival, but also Berlin’s more traditional stomping ground. Yes, the so-called “City West” has awoken from its hibernation! And it seems like the Pet Shop Boys’ number one hit is in everyone’s ears again: Go West!


A huge impulse for this change is BIKINI BERLIN. Its concept of being way more than just another shopping mall is inspiring and empowering for the City West’s transformation and future success. BIKINI BERLIN is an ever-changing oasis in the heart of western Berlin. With its regularly changing pop-up boxes, a variety of stores and labels can offer their goods inside the mall, including Japanese tea shop Chaya, Australian leather goods store Rust Sydney and Berlin interior design brand Fundamental Berlin.


If you need a break from shopping, you can easily pop out onto the terrace and soak in the fantastic views of the neighbouring zoo, or wander around the changing art exhibitions on the first floor. There are some big changes being made to the mall’s culinary concept: BIKINI BERLIN will be opening its new food market Kantini in January 2018. Visitors can look forward to a number of food concepts that will make BIKINI BERLIN even more of a unique destination for shopping, dining and culture.


And that’s not all. Even art cannot resist the inspiring atmosphere of the City West. The area around Berlin Zoo and the small streets surrounding it are really stepping up their game and many galleries have made the move from trendy Berlin-Mitte back to the west.


Want to immerse yourself in the world of photography? No problem! World-renowned photographers such as Sebastião Salgado, Will McBride and Danny Lyon are showing their work in a 2200 m² exhibition space just around the corner, at Charlottenburg’s “Amerika Haus”, which is also home to C/O Berlin. You can participate in numerous workshops, seminars and listen to artist talks.


Just a few minutes’ walk from Berlin's new art district, you will come across a truly breathtaking architectural gem. An art-nouveau-style mansion and a luxury hotel: the Hotel am Steinplatz. It was once a mansion, a grand hotel, a casino, a bar and a retirement home – and since 2013 it is once again a luxury hotel in a class of its own. 



As well as exclusive rooms and suites, the hotel has a restaurant that is definitely worth a visit: the Restaurant am Steinplatz. Sneak a glimpse into the open kitchen while chef Nicholas Hahn and his team whip up a menu of mouthwatering dishes using only the finest, highest quality ingredients. 


Time for a drink? You’ve come to the right place. The Bar am Steinplatz was recently awarded the “Best Hotel Bar of 2017” and they totally deserve it if you ask me! But a word of warning: don’t ask for a gin and tonic because the Bar am Steinplatz is Berlin’s first “gin-free bar”. But a double juniper or a variation of juniper spirits make pretty good alternatives. Prost! 

You like what you just read? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s “Go West”!