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With its special-edition wrapping paper, BIKINI BERLIN is getting everyone in the Christmas spirit once again – for the fourth time in a row, you can have your gifts wrapped at the mall’s very own gift-wrapping station or get creative with the paper and a pair of scissors yourself. And take my word for it, it’s the most eye-popping Christmas wrapping paper you’ll find in the whole city!


There is a choice of three designs, all of which were created by London artist Maisie Cousins. Based on the idea that you can never have enough tinsel or glitter at this time of year, Cousins is leaving a lot of room for interpretation with her unique wrapping paper design. After all, her creations have nothing to do with typical Christmas clichés and it is only upon closer inspection that you will discover every single detail in them. But despite going against all stereotypes, the wrapping paper still conjures up that cosy Christmas feeling we look forward to all year and guarantees the wow-effect when you hand over your gifts to the lucky recipients – that much I can promise!

I caught up with Maisie Cousins to ask her a few questions about her work, this year’s wrapping paper and where she gets her inspiration from. She told me that her interpretation of Christmas is as a stylish celebration without all the kitsch, which is why she prefers to experiment with gold and vivid colours rather than with Santa Claus and snowmen. Without breaking traditions, Maisie is turning Christmas on its head and I for one am a huge fan! 


Maisie describes her style as textural, vibrant, (often) wet and sticky. As she loves the feeling of uncertainty, she doesn’t want to create designs that people immediately like at first glance. Instead she wants to give them time to process her work and make their own minds up whether they like it or not. One of her favourite stylistic devices is the medium of food, which is also an integral part of this year’s BIKINI BERLIN wrapping paper designs featuring, for example, fruits with diamonds and golden cloves with shiny beads. The food aspect is a reflection of Maisie’s true passion: the thing she most looks forward to at this time of year is Christmas lunch with the whole family.

From now until (and including) 24 December, you can have your gifts wrapped at the wrapping station at BIKINI BERLIN. And don’t worry, you definitely won’t be able to miss the eye-catching golden house made of foil tinsel strands!

Why not get creative yourself? Either at the gift-wrapping station where you can try your own hand at festive wrapping, or at the photo point where you can take dazzling selfies! Another two festive BIKINI BERLIN highlights can be found inside the glittering gold house: every day, the Fashion Council Germany’s advent calendar is making one visitor happy with fantastic gifts, and the much-loved BIKINI BERLIN x William Fan Bag is back in stock – get your hands on one before 24 December, simply by spending a total of €150 at the concept shopping mall.