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Men and skincare?


After being regarded as a social taboo for a very long time, these days men and cosmetics are no longer a contradiction in terms. The man of today has discovered the benefits of cosmetics and the cosmetics industry has discovered him too. 


Creams, lotions, masks or oils – the choice of products out there seems neverending. However, there are a few, but very important aspects that make men’s skin different to women’s – which is why it needs a special approach to skincare. The founders of Sober Clean Care have made it their aim to provide this and have developed products that you can now test and buy at one of the pop-up boxes at BIKINI BERLIN. 


From facial moisturisers to shaving and beard products down to men’s fragrances, there is something for every man. If, like me, you are looking for something to combat tired eyes and bags, and to give your complexion a refreshing boost, their “Hydra Defence Cream” is the perfect remedy. Its special formula provides hydrating protection that enables the active ingredients to be completely absorbed into the skin and give it a long-lasting, invigorated appearance.  

The label consciously avoids the use of parabens, nanoparticles, silicones and artificial fragrances, preferring instead to focus on the essentials. Sober Clean Care is synonymous with the “Made in Germany” quality.