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I have to admit that before I discovered the TAOASIS store at BIKINI BERLIN, I hadn’t heard of the brand before. But for some reason, the name really appealed to me as I associated it with words like relaxation and wellbeing. I meanwhile know that TAOASIS is a portmanteau of the Chinese word TAO and the Arabic word OASIS and translates freely as “life in harmony with nature” – so my associations weren’t too far off the mark at all!


Everything revolves around nature at TAOASIS, which is why all their products are made as sustainably, fairly and environmentally friendly as possible. Here the primary focus is on essential oils sourced from plants. Thanks to their many years of experience, utmost care and knowledge of the individual plants, TAOASIS always offers the best possible quality. You may also be interested to hear that this passion for nature and their constant pursuit of the highest quality also led to company founder Axel Meyer starting an experiment to grow lavender for large-scale production in Germany. And he was successful! This means that the lavender for their products no longer needs to be sourced from France but is planted right on the company’s doorstep in Detmold in north-west Germany.

This love for nature has resulted in meanwhile five brands, which are all waiting to be discovered at the TAOASIS store at BIKINI BERLIN: TAOASIS, BALDINI, MEDITAO, ARIES and YIGITEA. And just so you know: the fragrances on offer aren’t just for smelling. As well as the essential oils and perfumes, you will also find natural cosmetics and food items.

I was really interested to find out that some of the organic aromas can also be used to season and flavour food and drinks. How about, for example, making some delicious coconut muffins enhanced with vanilla and TAOASIS’ organic mandarin aroma?


But if all that sounds a bit too exotic for you, you can also continue using the aromas as room fragrances. But if you visit the TAOASIS store at BIKINI BERLIN, you should expect to find a lot more than just nice smells. The natural fragrance brand appeals to all the senses and also stocks a few practical helpers for the cold season, to help you fight off colds and illnesses for example. TAOASIS is showing us the power of nature and how it can support us in our everyday lives by helping us to relax and improve our wellbeing.

A particularly unique product available from the concept shopping mall’s TAOASIS store is the Feelberlin set, which contains the scent of the city as a room spray that you can buy for your own four walls. Have you always wanted to know what Berlin smells like? Then drop by TAOASIS and prepare to be whisked away to the world of natural fragrances!