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Top highlights from Cyberport to mark the start of the IFA


The world’s leading technology trade fair is starting this week here in Berlin and it’s a real paradise for electronics enthusiasts.[BREAK] In my experience it’s more often the male of the species who can be found gaping in awe at the latest smartphone or the fastest laptop, with their wife or girlfriend trying to drag them away from the store window and hinder a purchase. And as I’ve also been known to break out in euphoria at the promise of newer, faster and bigger gadgets, I set off on a search for the latest electronic must-haves on behalf of us men at Cyberport in Bikini Berlin.


The Acer Switch Alpha 12 2in1 Touch Laptop 

For almost two years I’ve only worked with 2-in-1 laptops. I love the fact that they allow me to simply switch between a laptop and a tablet as the mood takes me. At my desk I sit in front of my laptop, writing texts and replying to e-mails. And on my way to my next appointment I use it as a tablet to read my new e-book on the underground. The new Acer Switch Alpha 12 has a battery life of up to eight hours and with 128 GB of storage you’ll be able to save enough films and books to keep you occupied en route.


The Samsung Galaxy Note7

I’m a big fan of smartphones. As well as numerous fitness apps and endless music, I use my smartphone for so many things and can’t imagine my day without it. With its new S Pen, the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 really brings out your creative side, which means you can write down a new idea or draw a sketch just as quickly on your smartphone as on a sheet of paper. The new graphics and improved video function provide a more true-to-life picture quality, details that are sure to be appreciated by any gadget enthusiast with an eye for detail!


The MSI Nightblade X2B-205DE Gaming PC

Like so many men I’m a big fan of video games and staying up all night to play them was never a problem for me. And what does a man do when they’re wife or girlfriend is out for the night? That’s right: settle down in front of their PC for a gaming session! With the MSI Nightblade Gaming PC, the avid gamers among you will be in your element. A headset, keyboard and mouse are also available in the matching design.